Coming soon in DataOrganizer 2.0: Table and Photo Gallery views

DataOrganizer 2.0 is almost finished and will be released soon. Version 2.0 adds two new views to complement the existing Notes/Mail-esque list view from 1.0: a table view and a gallery view.


Since the beginning, it has always been a goal that DataOrganizer could act as a spiritual successor to Bento. (Bento is glitchy in macOS Mojave and will not open in Catalina.) When you consider that Bento had a table view since its early days, it seemed only natural that DataOrganizer receive a table view at some point.

DataOrganizer 2.0 takes the plunge and finally adds a table view. The table’s first column shows the card number based on the current sort order. The other columns each represent a field. Just like any other Mac app, the table will sort cards of any field that contains “sortable data” by clicking on the field’s column header.


The table view also includes a footer that, when appropriate, can display the count, minimum, maximum, sum, or average of a column. The footer is similar in idea to Bento’s summary rows. (The Bento importer now imports the selected operations in the summary rows when possible.)


DataOrganizer also adds a gallery view. The gallery displays all of the images in the selected library or stack in a grid. (If a card has more than one image, then all images are displayed in the gallery.) Selecting an image will show the image’s card below the grid.


Relationship fields can also make use of the both the table and gallery views.


DataOrganizer 2.0 will be available soon. DataOrganizer 1.1 can presently be found on the Mac App Store.