DataOrganizer 1.0 Beta 15 Now Available

The 15th beta of DataOrganizer is now available. You can download the beta here.

I released this version tonight because beta 14 was set to expire at midnight. Beta 15 has an expiration date of 5/1/19.

This could/should be the final beta. I will post information regarding the final (Mac App Store) version after I decide on the final release date. I still have a few App Store-related things to do before the final release.

Release notes:

Fixed an issue where the Undo/Redo information was incorrectly reported. For example, an Undo menu item would state “Undo Delete Library” when “Undo Create Library” was far more appropriate. Despite the incorrect information, this was merely an “information bug” and it did not affect the functionality of undo/redo.