DataOrganizer 1.0 Beta 14 Now Available

The 14th beta of DataOrganizer is now available. You can download the beta here.

Release notes:

Some non-coding changes were made to better conform to App Store guidelines. These changes were minor and should not be noticeable.

Fixed an issue where changes made in a comment field would not be preserved if the field was still editing (think blinking cursor) while the app was in the process of quitting.

Fixed three issues regarding CSV export:

  • The CSV exporter was not properly handling text stored in the comment fields if the text in these fields contained a return.
  • The exporter was not preserving spaces that occurred at the beginning or at the end of text.
  • If a field is editing (think blinking cursor) while File > Export… is chosen, the updated text (the text in the field) is now exported instead of the prior text.