DataOrganizer 1.0 Beta 13 Now Available

The 13th beta of DataOrganizer is now available. You can download the beta here.

Release notes:

Beta 13 exclusively focuses on the “list fields”.

Fixed an issue with the contacts, calendar events, files, and messages list fields where a new item would not be added if the item was already added in the past but since deleted.

In prior versions, the contacts and calendar list fields would display an “is no longer available” message in place of a contact or event if the contact or event was deleted from Contacts or Calendar. Starting with beta 13, the list fields will now display as much information as they can regarding a missing contact or event based on cached information from the DataOrganizer database that is normally used for search and retrieval.

In prior versions, selecting “Show Mail App” from a messages list field would cause Mail to show an error if Mail was already open. This has been fixed in beta 13.

In further regard to messages list fields, some messages were not displayed in Mail when clicking on the arrow next to the message subject (or double clicking on the subject). Instead, Mail would display an error message (“The operation couldn’t be completed. (MCMailErrorDomain error 1030.): Mail was unable to open the URL “message:…”). This has (hopefully) been fixed in beta 13.