DataOrganizer 1.0 Beta 10 Now Available

The 10th beta of DataOrganizer is now available.

(If you would like to give it a try, please send me an email at beta at

Release notes:

This release is much smaller than the other releases. Some minor internal changes were made that should not be noticeable.

Remaining known issues that were not fixed in this beta:

For reasons that I have yet to figure out, a crash appears to occur in the sidebar/source list. (It is also possible that the crash is really occurring in a relationship field’s library/stack chooser, as it uses the same code as the source list.) DataOrganizer tries to insert a stack (into a library) below a stack that does not exist.

DataOrganizer may crash when attempting to drag a new field out of the field bar. This bug may be related to the source list bug mentioned above.