Beta 9 of DataOrganizer 1.0 Now Available

The ninth beta of DataOrganizer is now available.

(If you would like to give it a try, please send me an email at beta at

Release notes:

If you close the main DataOrganizer window, you can bring it back by choosing Window > DataOrganizer (Command-0). For apps that are not document based, you typically can also bring back the main window by clicking on the app’s icon in the Dock. This was not working in prior betas but has been added in beta 9.

Fixed an issue with the Contacts and Calendar Events pickers where pressing on a key would unexpectedly add a contact/event to a list.

When adding a number field or creating a new card, the number field would sometimes — but not always — start off with a value of 0 (zero). This was a bug, as number fields are not supposed to have a default value. This has been fixed in beta 9.

Although the position and size of the main window is preserved, the height of the window was decreasing after every launch. This has also been fixed in beta 9.

In regard to fields that contain a button (choice/pop up, check box), if you click on such a field to select it, you can now press the spacebar to make changes so as long as you have “All controls” selected for Full Keyboard Access in System Preferences. (System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts)

Fixed an issue were pressing an arrow key would not change the selected field.

When using the arrow keys to change the selected field, the form will now scroll to display the entire field if possible.

Remaining known issues that were not fixed in this beta:

For reasons that I have yet to figure out, a crash appears to occur in the sidebar/source list. (It is also possible that the crash is really occurring in a relationship field’s library/stack chooser, as it uses the same code as the source list.) DataOrganizer tries to insert a stack (into a library) below a stack that does not exist.

DataOrganizer may crash when attempting to drag a new field out of the field bar. This bug may be related to the source list bug mentioned above.