Beta 8 of DataOrganizer 1.0 Now Available

The eighth beta of DataOrganizer is now available.

(If you would like to give it a try, please send me an email at beta at

Release notes:

DataOrganizer will now remember which cards are selected for libraries, stacks, and smart stacks. Upon selecting a library, stack, or smart stack, DataOrganizer will automatically show you the card that was last selected. The selections are preserved between launches.

In addition, the selection in the source list is now preserved between launches.

As of Beta 7, DataOrganizer preserves not only the size and position of the window, but the positions of the two vertical dividers. Sadly, the second divider was usually placed in the wrong spot upon relaunch, making the middle pane (the list of cards) too narrow. This has (hopefully) been fixed in beta 8.

Window > DataOrganizer (previously Window > Data) now correctly opens the DataOrganizer window if it was previously closed.

The app icon now appears in the welcome screen and the about box on Macs with retina screens.

Remaining known issues that were not fixed in this beta:

For reasons that I have yet to figure out, a crash appears to occur in the sidebar/source list. (It is also possible that the crash is really occurring in a relationship field’s library/stack chooser, as it uses the same code as the source list.) DataOrganizer tries to insert a stack (into a library) below a stack that does not exist.

DataOrganizer may crash when attempting to drag a new field out of the field bar. This bug may be related to the source list bug mentioned above.