Beta 7 of DataOrganizer 1.0 Now Available

The seventh beta of DataOrganizer is now available.

(If you would like to give it a try, please send me an email at beta at

Release notes:

Upon relaunch, DataOrganizer now remembers the size and position of the window. It also remembers the positions of the dividers.

Some of the proxy images in the field bar have been replaced by images that better portray the behavior of the fields that they represent.

The appearance of the template sheet has also been altered. Not only has the background color changed, but the generated template images have also been tweaked to better match the the updated proxy images in the field bar.

DataOrganizer is now compiled using Swift 4.2.

Remaining known issues that were not fixed in this beta:

For reasons that I have yet to figure out, a crash appears to occur in the sidebar/source list. (It is also possible that the crash is really occurring in a relationship field’s library/stack chooser, as it uses the same code as the source list.) DataOrganizer tries to insert a stack (into a library) below a stack that does not exist.

DataOrganizer may crash when attempting to drag a new field out of the field bar. This bug may be related to the source list bug mentioned above.