DataOrganizer 1.0 Beta 4 Now Available

The fourth beta of DataOrganizer is now available.

(If you would like to give it a try, please send me an email at beta at

Release notes:

Fixed the following issues:

In prior versions, the Bento importer would crash if there were too many fields of a certain type. The number of permitted fields for some types has increased in this version.

In prior versions, a relationship field would crash the app because it appeared that it did not know what library or stack it had formed a relationship with. It turns out that this bug had nothing to do with the import process, nor did the relationship field somehow forget what library it had previously formed a relationship with. A crash occurred when trying to do the following on a prior beta:

  1. Add a Relationship Field to a library. (However, do not select a library or stack in the field’s chooser.)
  2. Create a new library.

Upon creating a new library, the relationship field’s library and stack chooser would notify the relationship field that a new library needs to be added to the chooser’s list. Sadly, the relationship field would improperly use this information which would ultimately force the field to access the library or stack that it shares a relationship with. Because a library or stack has yet to be selected (the chooser is still present), DataOrganizer would suddenly become very confused and subsequently crash.

Remaining known issues that were not fixed in this beta:

Although DataOrganizer “supports” Mojave’s dark mode, it looks terrible at the moment.

There seems to be a “permission problem” with contacts and calendar events. Like iOS, macOS will ask you for permission before accessing your contacts and calendar information. This works fine on High Sierra. However, Mojave seemingly denies access without asking, rendering the contacts and events fields useless at the moment.

DataOrganizer may crash when attempting to drag a new field out of the field bar.