DataOrganizer 1.1 is Now Available

DataOrganizer 1.1 is now available on the Mac App Store. New features include:

  • The field adder can now be toggled be using Command-Slash. (It can also be toggled using View > Show/Hide Field Adder).
  • Items in the recently deleted section can now be permanently erased immediately by selecting an item in the “Recently Deleted” section of the source list and pressing the delete key. (A contextual menu item is also available.) Cards can also be permanently erased if the selected item in the source list is in the “Recently Deleted” section. DataOrganizer will first present an alert before erasing items.

Other changes include:

  • In prior versions, DataOrganizer would crash if a library was selected in the source list and the library did not contain a field. (It has zero fields.) This issue has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue in the cards list where the card’s name and preview text would not be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the form area would not select the title when it should.
  • Fixed another issue where a library’s disclosure triangle status (expanded/collapsed) was not preserved between sessions.



DataOrganizer 1.0 is Now Available on the Mac App Store

DataOrganizer 1.0 has been released to the world and is now available on the Mac App Store.

DataOrganizer is a personal database for macOS. While professional database software may be expensive and complex, DataOrganizer aims not only to be affordable and easy to use, but perhaps even fun.

DataOrganizer imports Bento 4 databases. Because the last version of Bento is a 32-bit app, it will not function in future versions of macOS. With that in mind, DataOrganizer imports Bento’s raw database file, ensuring that importing will continue to work even after system support for Bento has been removed. (Note: Encrypted, calculation, and location fields are not presently supported.)

DataOrganizer also imports data from BayCard stacks (DataOrganizer’s predecessor), as well as data from Comma Separated Values (CSV) and Tab Separated Values (TSV) files.

More information regarding DataOrganizer can be found on and the DataOrganizer page on the Mac App Store.

DataOrganizer 1.0 Beta 17 Now Available

The 17th beta of DataOrganizer is now available. You can download the beta here.

Like the prior two versions, this beta will expire on May 1.

This will be the final beta. Information regarding the final Mac App Store version of DataOrganizer 1.0 will posted soon.

Release notes:

Fixed several issues with the Relationship field.

Major internal changes were made that should not be noticeable but were needed to set the stage for future versions.

DataOrganizer is now built using Swift 5.

DataOrganizer 1.0 Beta 16 Now Available

The 16th beta of DataOrganizer is now available. You can download the beta here.

Although beta 15 was supposed to be the last beta, the below fix was important enough that I wanted to release another version.

Like the prior version, this beta will expire on May 1.

Release notes:

Fixed an issue where DataOrganizer would sometimes crash if a new field was dragged into the form while another field in the form was editing text (blinking cursor).

DataOrganizer 1.0 Beta 15 Now Available

The 15th beta of DataOrganizer is now available. You can download the beta here.

I released this version tonight because beta 14 was set to expire at midnight. Beta 15 has an expiration date of 5/1/19.

This could/should be the final beta. I will post information regarding the final (Mac App Store) version after I decide on the final release date. I still have a few App Store-related things to do before the final release.

Release notes:

Fixed an issue where the Undo/Redo information was incorrectly reported. For example, an Undo menu item would state “Undo Delete Library” when “Undo Create Library” was far more appropriate. Despite the incorrect information, this was merely an “information bug” and it did not affect the functionality of undo/redo.

DataOrganizer 1.0 Beta 14 Now Available

The 14th beta of DataOrganizer is now available. You can download the beta here.

Release notes:

Some non-coding changes were made to better conform to App Store guidelines. These changes were minor and should not be noticeable.

Fixed an issue where changes made in a comment field would not be preserved if the field was still editing (think blinking cursor) while the app was in the process of quitting.

Fixed three issues regarding CSV export:

  • The CSV exporter was not properly handling text stored in the comment fields if the text in these fields contained a return.
  • The exporter was not preserving spaces that occurred at the beginning or at the end of text.
  • If a field is editing (think blinking cursor) while File > Export… is chosen, the updated text (the text in the field) is now exported instead of the prior text.

DataOrganizer 1.0 Beta 13 Now Available

The 13th beta of DataOrganizer is now available. You can download the beta here.

Release notes:

Beta 13 exclusively focuses on the “list fields”.

Fixed an issue with the contacts, calendar events, files, and messages list fields where a new item would not be added if the item was already added in the past but since deleted.

In prior versions, the contacts and calendar list fields would display an “is no longer available” message in place of a contact or event if the contact or event was deleted from Contacts or Calendar. Starting with beta 13, the list fields will now display as much information as they can regarding a missing contact or event based on cached information from the DataOrganizer database that is normally used for search and retrieval.

In prior versions, selecting “Show Mail App” from a messages list field would cause Mail to show an error if Mail was already open. This has been fixed in beta 13.

In further regard to messages list fields, some messages were not displayed in Mail when clicking on the arrow next to the message subject (or double clicking on the subject). Instead, Mail would display an error message (“The operation couldn’t be completed. (MCMailErrorDomain error 1030.): Mail was unable to open the URL “message:…”). This has (hopefully) been fixed in beta 13.